Root Stimulators

As a rule, one brand of fertilizer should be used, from the root stimulator to growth and flowering. It is also necessary to think at the beginning whether I want organic or mineral fertilizer.




  1. Fertilized substrate or root stimulator
  2. When to start fertilizing plants
  3. I can spray the leaves with a root stimulator
  4. What root stimulators are suitable for spraying
  5. What to compare with root stimulators
  6. Comparison of root stimulator brands



Root stimulators are used not only for root development but also for plants that have suffered shock, unhealthy and poorly developed plants, as well as for plants and cuttings that need to be transplanted.

We use root stimulators from about 2 cm in height and we can use them until the beginning of flowering, when the formation of the root system is already developed. Most manufacturers recommend using it during the first weeks of flowering.

1. Over-fertilized substrate or root stimulator?

The root stimulator should always be used, for better development of the root ball. Small plants take root faster and grow more in height. It contains exactly such nutrition that it does not fertilize small plants and at the same time gives them nutrition. The substrates also contain fertilizer for small plants, but seasoning without the use of a root stimulator is slower.

2. When to start fertilizing plants?

Plants can be fertilized with a root stimulator from a few centimeters tall (eg 2 cm), we use the stimulator in every watering, following the manufacturer's scheme, it is almost impossible to fertilize (especially for BIO stimulators), remember that a strong root system = a strong and healthy plant.

3. Can I spray the leaves with a root stimulator?

Yes, plants can be sprayed with root stimulators, but not in direct sunlight! Also not all, the most suitable are especially BIO.

4. What root stimulators are suitable for spraying?

 BIO stimulators are suitable for spraying.


5. What to compare with root stimulators?

For root stimulators, we compare the values of NPK (NITROGEN - PHOSPHORUS - POTASSIUM), the basic building blocks of every plant, they may contain other building blocks.


6. Comparison of root stimulator brands
  • Bio root stimulators:



  • Mineral root stimulators:


Here we can see beautifully what are the differences in the concentration of root stimulators, such as atami rootbastic, it is the most expensive, but we see that also the most concentrated and therefore the most advantageous. BIO stimulators do not fertilize as mineral but are comparable in quality and concentration.

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