• Mold is also known as '' mildew ''.
  • As the disease spreads, the leaves curl into a ball, die and eventually fall.


What is mold?

  • The term mold refers to a group of phytopathogenic fungi that cause plant diseases.
  • How do we know her?
  • It is generally known that mold occurs at the top of the leaf, but there are exceptions.
  • The leaf looks like it has been dusted with powder (mostly white).
  • How to prevent it?
  • Keep the growing room clean and low humidity. The ideal use is an ionizer, which eliminates mold.


Something about powder mold

  • Powder mold is also known as Oidium.
  • Before the mold is visible, blister-like areas begin to appear on the leaves.
  • Then a white powder (powder mold) starts to appear at the blisters.
  • It is generally located at the top of the chandeliers, but there are exceptions.
  • One type of mold grows on the bottom of the leaf, so it is easy to overlook.
  • As the disease progresses, the leaves may be completely covered with a white layer, they may even attack the buds and affect the size and quality of the crop.

How to prevent disease?

  • The best treatment against these types of mushrooms is prevention.
  • Try to prevent spores from elsewhere and contaminate your plants by keeping the growing room clean. Remove the old leaves completely away from the growing room.
  • All you have to do is use clean equipment and wash your hands thoroughly before entering the growing room. Filter cloths with different filtration can be used for air supply, they are used for filtration of coarse dust particles. Filtration class G4 is usually sufficient.

Pest control solutions

  • Check older leaves regularly for yellow spots and fungi. Check mainly from the bottom of the leaves, mostly in the middle of the older leaf plant.
  • Check older leaves regularly for light yellow discoloration and fungal growth.
  • You can remove suspicious leaves and leave them in a resealable freezer bag along with damp paper and in a warm place.
  • After two days, you can check the leaves for mold, or with a magnifying glass or a microscope.
  • Remove all contaminated leaves, but also make sure that you do not spread the disease yourself.
  • Make sure you wash your hands regularly, preferably with an alcohol solution.


Effective means against mildew

  • Dithane

It is applied as a prevention or when mold occurs.


Cumulus WG, or Discus.

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