Advanced Nutrients Supplements II.

In our article, we will focus on  Advanced Nutrients additives , their distribution and talk about them. 

We divide accessories into five subcategories. These are root expanders, plant enhancers, supplements for larger fruits, root system and taste cleaner. All additives are dosed at 2ml / L and are intended for all growing methods.

Larger fetus

Bud Ignitor  -   Bud Ignitor is an ingredient that we use for the first two weeks of flowering to better start flowering. It contains a balanced ratio of phosphorus and potassium for better flowering. It also contains an extract from Norwegian algae which better retains oxygen and nourishes the plant. 

Big Bud - Big Bud contains the right ratio of potassium and phosphorus for a larger flower. It contains 20 amino acids in L-form, with particularly important doses of L-tryptophan, L-cysteine, L-glutamate and L-glycine. It also contains citric acid, which better transforms nutrients and helps with breathing, as well as better converts sugars into energy. Ascorbic acid accelerates photosynthesis. All of these fabrics are in the Big Bud in the right proportions for a better and larger flower.

Overdrive - This supplement is designed for the last two weeks of flowering and increases the fruit and aroma. Overdrive is prized for its ability to deceive a flower and supply it with enough substances to be able to maximize its yields in the last stage of flowering. 

 $ R3GO0MM

Root system cleaner

Sensizym - It is designed for the root zone, thanks to active enzymes it breaks down dead roots, which will nourish your plant. It is used once a week for better decomposition of the root system, but it can also be used to clean hoses in the kapok irrigation and also in the hydra. 


Taste and smell

Bud Candy - Contains a high amount of carbohydrates, in other words increases the energy supply of your plant. Five different sources of carbohydrates increase the production of terpenes for better aroma and taste. A combination of simple and complex carbohydrates for the nutrition of beneficial microbes and the provision of nutrition for huge and aromatic fruits. The essential secondary nutrient is magnesium to promote chlorophyll production. 

Flawless Finish - This is the final ingredient that helps cleanse the plant and medium from excess nutrients. When you use this final supplement, you will not endanger your plant and fruits. Thanks to the Flawless finish, your fruits will have a natural taste and aroma.



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